Monday, 18 April 2016

How Cold?

We didn't have any problems with condensation on Sunday morning - as it froze - but then the sun hit the boat and the drips started!

The weekend was a combination of a DCA    rally and  Open Canoe Sailing Group    meet, as well as a canoeing friend's birthday.

The green open boat is a Suffolk Beach Punt, which was a built by its owner and is regularly sailed on Coniston Water and at other DCA events. It has a double floor, which can be flooded like the Swallow range of boats and this makes it very stable and safe.
The birthday boy (and friends) were treated to afternoon tea and cakes at Bank Ground Farm. Everyone got there under their own steam, canoe, kayak, sailing canoe, bicycle and Drascombe.
Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, a light breeze filled in and soon developed into a good westerly wind. This lead to a fast sail back from the south end of the lake, after a slow beat down.  


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