Thursday, 11 April 2019

Sunshine in April

The "Secret Harbour" on Peel Island

Trying out a technique for heavy weather. Take the main and mizzen down, using just a small jib pulled tight to the centre. The boat seemed very settled and drifted downwind, with the jib holding the bow in place. To further increase the effect, it would be possible to use some warps or sea anchor tided to the stern.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Four Days in March

At the end of February I remember cutting the grass at home in a T-shirt. By the middle of March there was flooding and gale force winds. However, at the end of March the weather settled and gave the opportunity to launch the boat and check everything works. 

Approaching Peel Island from the South

Getting closer the "Secret Harbour" comes into view

Saturday, 16 February 2019



The design is not original, seen on many other boats. Made from 12mm thick plywood, with the lower part of the cutouts reinforced with another strip of plywood. A total of 8 small stainless steel hinges are used, so it folders flat. The maximum width is 6 inches, so it will store along side the gunwales, at the stern of the boat.


Monday, 5 November 2018

DCA - "Softies Rally"

The annual end of year sail on Coniston with the DCA, proved to an interesting day. I crewed on a Dabber, force 5 (at least) with continual rain. The food on the Saturday evening in a local pub was great!

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Mast - one year on

Last winter I added a small amount of glass tissue and epoxy resin where the gaff jaws rub, as this area  had worn quite badly. One year on and its seems to have lasted quite well, with just the surface varnish being rubbed off.

However, the bottom of the mast has started to show some wear, which is quite understandable. Two years ago I added a small amount of glass tissue and resin to help prevent wear. The water has got into the mast in this area and the glass tissue cracked, so all this old material was removed. Using the last of some epoxy resin I had and tissue this repair was completed again. Wonder how long it will last? As long as it slows the deterioration. The top of the mast also suffers, where the steel band which has the shrouds attached, "digs" into the wood. Each year this band its removed, the area sanded and varnished.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Coniston - last sail of the year?

The weather forecast was far from appealing and it had blown hard and rained all week. However, things can always change and three days of fine weather enabled an enjoyable end to the summer.

 The heavy rain fall had raised the level of the lake, to the point where the beach at the secret harbour on Peel Island had disappeared.

A slight delay in final departure !