Friday, 28 August 2020

Loch Leven


Despite storms Ellen and Francis, the weather remained fine towards the end of August. This enabled a trip to Loch Leven, onto Loch Don and finally to Puilladobhrain. This was the third attempt to reach Loch Leven, the previous two had been prevented due to the lack of time and “the weather”.

Looking NW as leaving Port Ramsey

Approaching Loch Leven

Anchored in Bishops Bay

Loch Leven

Using the ebb tide to sail past Port Appin

Entering Loch Don at high water. Would be interesting at low water and different from other lochs, more like an east coast estuary.


Leaving Puilladobhrain

Heading north along the Kerrera coast

Friday, 21 August 2020

Around Lismore

 We had an initial day sail over to the Greag Islands from Dunstaffnage. After this we headed off for three days, staying at Loch Aline and Port Ramsey. The wind was quite light at times, so some motoring was required.

Lunch at the Greag Islands

Heading East along the Sound of Mull

Heading to Port Ramsey

Evening Port Ramsey

Early Morning - Anchored at Port Ramsey

Photo by R&S

Heading south from Port Appin

From Arisaig

We launched at Arisaig and spent 11 days exploring the local area. Initially we heading north to Skye bridge, before returning south and into Loch Nevis. After this we continued south to Loch Moidart and Kentra Bay.

Anchored in Loch na Beiste - Kyleakin

Heading south through Kyle Rhea

Anchored at Isle Ornsay


Sailing into Loch Nevis


Heading towards Arisaig from Mallaig

Entering the North Channel - Arisaig

Entering Loch Moidart - North Channel

Castle Tioram Anchorage - Kathleen is the small boat on the right

There are three slips at Arisaig marine. It cost £25 for a launch/recover. We used the gravel one but needed to use a rope to recover the boat, so the car was on the level concrete. The concrete slip would have been fine to recover - perhaps wheel the trailer down and then hitch to the car, as it has a bend half way down. Its best to use the slips on the top half of the tide, especially the gravel one. The marine owners, where adding some new moorings, as well as additional naviagtion marks in the south channel.