Monday, 30 September 2019

Start of Maintenance

Each year the mast head band slowly slips down the mast, due to the load of the shrouds. This could be solved if the band had a strap that went over the top of the mast, or was a cap.

The mast head will need cleaning up and perhaps some epoxy added to fill the grove caused by the band. A brass ring has been made and hopefully this will prevent the band cutting into the mast. Stainless steel may have been better a better choice, but a lack of material meant brass had to be used. The age of the shrouds and forestay are unknown, so perhaps it is time to replace these.

On some boats the inside pockets have a wooden trim and door. However, on Kathleen plastic moulding was used, this has now started to deteriorate. A replacement was found on eBay, which has proved very easy to fit and provided a good solution. It was a good tight push fit and not glue was used, time will tell how durable it is. The supplier claims it is suitable for 1mm to 2mm thick material.

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Small White Car EDGE TRIM SEAL - Interior & Exterior - PVC Rubber Van Boat Truck

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