Thursday, 5 October 2017

Boat Bling

For some time now, the "closed" style fair leads have proved frustrating, as this means the mooring lines need to be thread through, rather than being "dropped in". One solution is to cut a slot in the existing fair lead. Another option, is to buy some purpose made fair leads. These are pure "Boat Bling"!

I was tempted during a recent visit to Honnor Marine in Rochdale to collect a replacement rudder. Both purchases could be classified as "cosmetic", the existing rudder was going rusty and required continually painting, while the fair leads looked fantastic on a new Scaffie. These new fair leads are angled and are ideal for being located on the bow, while the modified ones will be used on the stern. Time will tell if these are a success. However, they do look "nice".

The black plastic fair leads are not used for mooring but hold the anchor in place.

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