Sunday, 15 May 2016

Cold and Sunny

Perfect weather ! - and yes there was some wind.

One of the best photos of the boat sailing. Taken by Pete, who sails and fishes successfully from his Lugger on Coniston.

The photo below is taken in a small bay just south of Peel Island, a perfect place for an anchorage and lunch. To my surprise the depth of water here was 9 metres and I was only about 2 boats lengths from the shore.

I'd read about MagicEzy and to be honest didn't think it would work. So when it arrived, my expectations were low. However, I was impressed and although the cracks did not all totally disappear, their presence was considerably reduced. A quick polish afterwards would probably apply the final finish to the surface. I did follow the instructions carefully and used a pan scrubber to clean the surface before application. In a couple of areas I did repeat the process. I used the cream colour - there 11 to choose from - and this seemed to match the gel coat quite well. However, the cost is around £20 per tube, so not a cheap option. Previously, Honnor Marine in Rochdale, had supplied some gel coat which was a perfect match. I just sent a photo and a few flacks broken off from an edge.


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