Friday, 9 October 2015

Resin - "The boat without fastenings"

We all take modern glues for granted and the ease we can now laminate wood. However, in the 1940's synthetic resin adhesives were very new. But during WWII Areolite 300 was developed and used in the construction of the Mosquito aircraft. To test the strength of this glue, the sales manager of Areo Research Ltd. (ARL) Mr. FB Priest built a 8ft 6inch dinghy called "Resin" in 1942.
The company was based near Cambridge and by 1959 the boat was owned by my father, who sailed it on the River Cam. The hull was cold moulded using two layers of 2inch wide plywood strips. The hull weighed only 62lb once finished.
The photographs below were taken for publication in 1960 by ARL to show the durability of this method of construction. Other boats such as motor torpedo boats and also gliders used the glue. The glue has now developed into Areolite 306.

This is a copy of an article from "Motor Boat and Yachting", printed in November 1945.

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