Sunday, 20 September 2015

A weekend at Coniston

This photo shows the medium sized Performance Blue halyard bag we'd added to the inside port bulkhead. Perfect size and excellent quality, ideal for the VHF and other items.

While in Scotland we treated the boat to a ratchet block on the mainsheet. Much of the time the ratchet is in the off position. However, once the wind gets up it has proved very useful and encourages the helm not to cleat the sheet. There have been cases of a Coaster capsizing and I don't believe self rescue is an option. These capsizes have occurred in gusty conditions and also where sails have been cleated. Some boats use dinghy style jib fairleads and cleats, which are difficult to release once the boat is healing. Using the centre winch and simple clamcleat, as originally fitted by the factory, makes it much easier to release the jib quickly. Some feel that easing the jib is a good option when the wind gusts, as this will actually cause the boat to luff up. Having now fitted the high peak main, this now gives another option, which is to "scandalise" the sail, by dropping the gaff slightly and de-powering the top of the sail very quickly.

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