Sunday, 12 April 2015

Four Days at Coniston

This was the first sail of the year and the weather ranged from warm sunshine and a light breeze through to snow on the hills, gale force winds and even some ice on the deck of the boat. We'd made a few small modifications to the boat and look forward to the arrival of the new High Peak mainsail from R&J.

As always the first sail of the season was a chance to see if everything worked and what had been forgotten. It also gave a chance to catch up with some other Drascombe sailors, including the Association's webmaster, Jol, who I met in a near by pub. A good website and journal are essential for any organisation and the DA is fortunate to have both. His obvious successful contribution to both of these means there is good communication between the membership.

Tesco's had Corned Beef Hash on special offer - so I couldn't resist!

Crew's Birthday Present!

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