Friday, 1 November 2013

Rain and varnishing !

The weather has not been ideal for varnishing over the last two weeks. I've managed to get some coats of varnish on, applying them early in the morning - while it is still dark, using a head torch to see! I'd hoped this weekend would provide the opportunity to get the final coat applied and the fittings secured. However, the forecast did not look ideal, so a temporary shelter was the only solution and with colder weather on the way I wanted to get on with the job.

I've used the Deks Olje system, which so far I've been pleased with. However, the real test will be after a seasons use and how well it stands up to "wear & tear". Both the oil (D1) and the varnish (D2) are quite thin in viscosity, so many thin coats are needed, as is a cloth soaked in white spirit. Once dry both D1 & D2 are quite difficult to remove. Applying the D1 was very easy and I had every confidence it got into all the gaps and difficult to access place. On a couple of occasions I have used some "wet n dry" to smooth out any imperfections, it seems best to leave the D2 for a few days before doing this and then leave this surface another day or so before adding another coat. On one occasion I tried to sand and varnish the day after I'd applied a coat, the varnish still seemed soft and the new coat seem to soften any edges of the previous coat, which I just had to do it again! I think just being patient is the thing to remember.

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