Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A new tiller

The tiller that came with the boat is just a plain length of hard wood. Looking at other boats and having recently sailed in another boat, it was clear that a curved tiller made by laminated wood, provides a more attractive and user friendly solution.

After some initial research, including looking at the cost of buying one, I decided that it would more sensible to make one.

A simple former was made out of an old shelf and two blocks of wood. The tiller was made by using seven layers of alternating wood, each 5mm thick. After an initial dry clamp to check the shape, the layers were glued together and left overnight to dry.

Once unclamped the laminated wood could be shaped. The nominal cross-section size was 35mm sq. The width was tapered down to 25mm so it was more comfortable to hold. The most difficult part was the shape the new tiller to fit correctly in the head casting. 


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  1. Andy - hi - ive just come across this - its my job monday and tuesday!.. my Coaster (Spirit of Mischief) is in desperate need of a new tiller.. the original being more bolts and reinforcing plates that original tiller!..) - did you cut the timber strips with a table saw or do you think I could make it with strips of 3mm ply? what glue is suitable (epoxy?..) and I assume a spoke shave is the tool to shape it.. if you have the time for some advice.. to a keen but amateur chippy!) thanks Jim