Sunday, 7 November 2021

Cushion Repair

The cabin cushions had started to split in a couple of places, especially the "in fill" which tends to get squashed, as its corner is where we tend to sit. A temporary repair was with some gaffer tape. The existing material was quite smooth and clearly getting glue to adhere was going to be a challenge.

Earlier in the year I'd made some repairs to the tender and used Polymarine 3026 - this has seemed to have worked well so far. 

Polymarine PVC (3026) Inflatable Boat Adhesive 2-Part 250ml - TCS Chandlery Ltd

So decided to use this with some material obtained from eBay.

The material was sold as :

Water repellent polyester. Medium weight polyester, easy enough to use with a domestic sewing machine and to hand sew but still tough and durable. Suitable for outdoor cushions, deckchairs, awnings, windbreaks, bean bags and much more. Weight: 225gsm.

The Polymarine glue seems to have worked well but only time will tell. In the instructions it is recommended to clean the surface with acetone but on testing I found this attacked the existing cushion covering - so was not used - but was just given a good clean instead.

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