Saturday, 15 June 2019

Attempts to head north

A walk around Kerrera, on a windy day.

MOMA porridge - just add boiling water and it is very tasty. However, would suggest a hungry sailor does require 2 packets.

During this time I experienced that dreaded feeling, with no water coming out of the outboard jet, therefore showing there was a problem with cooling system. It was fortunate this was not in a “life n death” situation and a 2 hour sail got me back to a marina. Where with free the use of their workshop (many thanks to Craobh) it was possible to drop the gear box and remove the impeller. This showed the impeller was spinning freely on the drive shaft. A small round key provides the drive, this had worn and was now D shaped. It was not possible to obtain one locally, so a replacement was made from a stainless steel clip and is still working after 2 weeks use.

I found an online supplier (, which sent a new key to the marina and I was able to collect this a few days later as I passed. Once home I measured the new key, it is 2mm dia and 10mm long. The photo shows the clip from which a temporary key was made from, the worn key and a new key, as well as the impeller.

What is interesting is that a new key is not supplied with either the service kit or new impeller, which indicates that this part is not replaced during a service, something I will question at the end of the year with the service centre I use. I will now carry a spare impeller, key and relevant spanners.

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