Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Mast - one year on

Last winter I added a small amount of glass tissue and epoxy resin where the gaff jaws rub, as this area  had worn quite badly. One year on and its seems to have lasted quite well, with just the surface varnish being rubbed off.

However, the bottom of the mast has started to show some wear, which is quite understandable. Two years ago I added a small amount of glass tissue and resin to help prevent wear. The water has got into the mast in this area and the glass tissue cracked, so all this old material was removed. Using the last of some epoxy resin I had and tissue this repair was completed again. Wonder how long it will last? As long as it slows the deterioration. The top of the mast also suffers, where the steel band which has the shrouds attached, "digs" into the wood. Each year this band its removed, the area sanded and varnished.

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