Thursday, 20 September 2018

Deks Olje - 5 years on

The gunwales were stripped down to the bare wood in October 2013. Since then there has just been a light sand and a couple of coats each year, really just cosmetic. However, this is the first time there has been any noticeable deterioration. Maybe the strong sun we're had this year has something to do with it, as this part of the boat is not covered in the summer.

A bit of localised sanding and re-varnishing should return it to its previous condition.
Low Freeboard Fenders
I'm not going to claim to finding these - that honour goes to a fellow Coaster sailor.  Many pontoons and jetties are too high for boats like Drascombes. However there is now a solution. Majoni now produce a low freeboard fender.

They are excellent and just having a couple on board seems sensible. I've found two UK based mail order suppliers.

One word of warning - the fenders arrive "deflated" and you need a special adapter to inflate them, when using a car foot pump. I bought two fenders from Compassmarine and an adapter was enclosed FoC. But then they were more expensive than Bosun Bobs!

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