Sunday, 2 October 2016

DCA @ Derwent

Derwent Marina is situated in Portinscale, which is on the western side of Keswick. Although Derwent is not the largest of lakes, it provides a pleasant venue, with islands to explore and opportunities for several CafĂ© stops. There is a good slipway and plenty of space for parking. Although the actual mooring space is a little tight. There are toilets and showers, as well as a quite well stocked chandlery.

There many good lunch spots and along with the islands there is plenty to explore. There is a footpath that goes all round the lake, so it is easy to meet up with non-sailing friends and family. There are some shallows to be avoided and these are marked. It is possible to sail round all the islands, but it does get shallow on the east side of Lord's Island and I did need to life the centre board, to clear some soft mud.

Saturday Evening

A short sequence during Sunday morning


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