Saturday, 1 August 2015


Although we weren't sailing, it is always good to look out for other launch sites and sailing venues. In Gairloch harbour there is a good slipway, which is usable for the top half of the tide and ample car parking, all free. We spotted a Coaster "Cormorant" on a mooring in the harbour. Later in the day, while kayaking, we caught up with the owners who had gone out for a motor cruise in the afternoon. They had been coming to Gairloch since childhood and had a family holiday home in the area. The boat was launched for each summer and said it was a great sailing area.

There are some pontoons in the harbour and plenty of sheltered anchorages around Badachro. It would make an excellent destination to make for from further south. But you'd have to pick your days to sail, if you were based this far north.

Heading towards Badachro

Loch Maree

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