Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mid Summers BBQ

A perfect weekend of sunshine, with the wind a bit light at times. But we did mange to join the sailing club's annual Nibthwaite cruise to the south end of Coniston, for a BBQ. We anchored over night and sailed back the following morning, eating ice cream at the Blue Bird CafĂ© with some kayaking friends.

Kathleen at Nibthwaite with the steam powered gondola, which was restored by the apprentices at BAE in Barrow.

Straight from the BBQ, banana with chocolate peanuts, tastes much better than it looks!

Two new additions to the boat are some simple plastic clips and shock cord, used to hold the solar panel in place, the clips are sold as picture holders in Tesco's. These were glued in place using Evo-Stik "Serious Stuff", after first carefully removing the layer of paint where they were to be glued.

The second item is a fabric cover for the doorway. This is attached at the top by two press studs and an eyelet for the padlock hasp, this makes it easy to roll away. Perfect to keep light rain out and also for use at night. The fabric is heavy duty waterproof 600 denier polyester, which was available online in a variety of colours, including burgundy that is very similar to the  spray hood and sails.



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