Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Coniston Water

We took Kathleen to Coniston Water and became temporary members of the sailing club there, who made us most welcome. We spent a week living on the boat and learning how to sail her, in a variety of conditions.

This time also gave us chance to look at how we could change things to make life easier. Several small ideas were completed before launching but the three key items are i) adding a 12 volt battery and solar charger to provide a simple electrical supply, really so the VHF and other devices can be recharged. ii) an opening hatch to replace the round porthole, to aid ventilation. iii) Re-profiling the bumpkin, so it can be fitted by sliding it out from in the boat, rather than hanging over the transom and sliding it in the from the back.

One of the centre rubber trailer rollers had deteriorated, so while the boat was on the water this was replaced with a new one. It wasn't until after doing this did I realise you could buy nylon replacements, which are recommended for salt water use. So another change seems a good idea. One longer term project for the winter, will be to look at getting the rudder re-galvanised.

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